Nobody gets fired for hiring Accenture, but it can lead to a lawsuit.

Hertz, the car rental and fleet company, is suing Accenture over a botched redesign of their website.

The initial site was expected to go live nearly 18 months ago, but after several delays Hertz has given up on the process and is taking it up with the courts. Hertz is now suing Accenture for their fees paid to-date and the costs of making it right.

The complaint shows that Accenture made some comically simple mistakes. For example, The Register reports that web pages weren't even designed to resize for mobile phones or tablets.

Big companies feel comfortable handing large fees to other big companies to solve their technology problems. Vendors like Accenture have a slick sales process and household brand. This means they won't raise any eyebrows when they are selected in a beauty parade.

Web design does not require the most cutting-edge tech skills, yet Accenture managed to burn through their budget and miss deadlines by years.

More worryingly, Accenture and their ilk are touting their skills in emerging areas which often require deep tech experience - machine learning powered chatbots or computer vision for paper forms, for example. 

Corporate decision-makers who opt to buy an inferior product from a name they trust should be careful - it may not protect their job anymore.