MTech Capital is excited to announce that our Santa Monica team (Nick Bendell and Brian McLoughlin) will be descending on Austin, TX from Wednesday, May 29th through Friday, May 31st for the annual Dig|In (Digital Insurance) Conference. Dig|In brings together hundreds of key stakeholders from across the insurance ecosystem to demo, discover, and debate the key technologies transforming the industry today and in the future.

We look forward to learning more about these technologies and meeting with entrepreneurs that are leading the charge in solving problems that have the potential to create massive value for their customers and investors over the long-term. 

Some topics of interest for MTech heading into the event include, but are not limited to, machine learning applications in insurance, computer vision and autonomous vehicles, specialty / ancillary product lines distributed digitally, and virtual assistants.

If you are interested in meeting with MTech, either as an entrepreneur seeking capital, a potential LP interested in investing in our fund, or just an insurtech enthusiast looking to make new friends, please do not hesitate to approach us at the conference. We are both on the Brella app and LinkedIn. Look forward to meeting you!