Once upon a time, a customer looking for a loan would walk into their local bank branch. The branch manager might ask for some data to assess their creditworthiness, but the strength of a customer's handshake and their overall demeanor could be critical to the credit decision.

In the era of detailed financial histories and standardised credit scores, the "cut of your jib" approach of a branch manager came to be seen as archaic - but is now coming back in vogue. 

Chinese financial services company Ping An has used facial recognition technology to make $72bn of loans to customers. Ping An looks for tiny changes in an applicants' facial expression which might indicate they are a credit risk. An uncertain flicker when asked what the funds are for might lead to a higher interest rate or a flat-out refusal. 

Technology once accelerated credit decisions so that it became impossible to consider facial expressions. Having a face you can trust is becoming a valuable factor again.