Chubb recently announced the launch of Chubb Studio, a digital insurance platform that enables Chubb's partners in retail, financial services, telecom, travel, and other industires to integrate digital insurance products into their offerings.

Chubb Studio is a developer-friendly platform with customizable microsites, embeddable widgets, and APIs that enable partners to rapidly deploy embedded insurance products (e.g., small business, personal accident, travel) to their customer base. 

We have seen numerous insurtech startups offering embedded insurance products / shopping experiences through channel partners such as e-commerce sites (e.g., Clyde, Extend), auto dealerships (e.g., DealerPolicy), mortgage companies (e.g., Matic), and travel websites (e.g., Cover Genius) to name just a few examples. 

By launching Chubb Studio, Chubb is communicating to the market that they can offer the same speed and customer / developer experience as the insurtech startups that have raised tens of millions of dollars to challenge them.